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Well, it's not terrible but it definitely isn't good either. Obviously they mostly cared about Torture Porn. No time to sink the atmosphere in, no time to get to know the cast. It's just rushing from one scare to the next big scene. The 2nd episode alone covered chapters2-3 completely and even incorporated parts of 4-5. Wut? Nothing leaves much of an impression. Just to give one example,

Spoiler for game:

On the upside I thought episodes 3&4 were rather well done for the finale but, without a proper setup, there's only so much you can accomplish. This tells me Tortured Souls could've been a good adaptation if only they had 2 episodes more in the middle for developing the story and characters so I'd care.

Oh well.

tldr: play the game before you get spoiled by this animu.

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