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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by panzerfan View Post
Disappearance has in effect buried the argument that Kyon is the one with all that power. He never wished for that kind of thing to have happened (especially if he happens to actually to enjoy life with SOS Brigade) and Nagato obtained the power to alter reality from Haruhi, not him.
I don't see how it buries anything. Quite simply, Nagato could have lied because, for some reason, she doesn't want Kyon to know he has powers.

Or Kyon could have, among other powers, "the power to camouflage his own existence with a Haruhi decoy".

As for never wishing the SOS brigade never existed... I think you're wrong there. He's always complaining about whatever Haruhi drags him into, so on some level, he may very well have done it.
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