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Originally Posted by Wadjet View Post
So the big question I would like to ask.. Is Kyon the Slider?

After reading the translations of the novels so far I really think it is him. Does the novel series end at 8 or will there be more? Was the identity of the slider ever discovered if there was one?

If it's not over I doubt they would add another main character this far in. Unless it was maybe Tsuruya but she has always had a minor supporting role for the longest, can't imagine that changing drastically. So the other candidate is Kyon.

He is the only SOS member without an actual 'title', supposedly the only regular human. While he has no special powers by himself, he has witnessed events and seen different dimesions not only because of Haruhi but because of all the other SOS members also. He is also the only one that always remembers everything, while everyone else goes back to their regular role. As a slider he is the perfect narrator of events in this set of unique people.

I don't know why Kyon himslef has not questioned his position. If he thinks of what a slider actually is and his situation he should come up with that conclusion. Even though it is not him causing all the dimesion and tiem fluctuation chages, he was witness to them all, and in the most complete form. The only other way I can see another person as a slider coming in is like Asakura from Volume four coming into their dimension and they say she has moved back, but then again Kyon has already been to her dimesion and then some @_@
I would think that Sliders would have to have abilities similar to Haruhi. Perhaps, at some point, the Sliders will appear and ask Haruhi to go with them. Then she will have to decide what she really wants.

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