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Originally Posted by bloodmoon0011 View Post
Damn, 8 books? Wow, my sources are really behind, lol. Yeah, I HOPE the dub's good... Any idea who's gonna or who has snatched the license up? (Please, God, not ADV...)
No North American license for Haruhi yet. There has been some rumors about the bunny costumes that appeared in the story making it difficult (since the "bunny girl" costume is technically a trademark owned by Playboy). Then again, it might just be the cost.

John over at Anime Nation is a little more optimistic though:

And the first season covered primarily vol.1 (Yuutsu, Melancholy), with short stories snatched up here and there from vol.2, 3, and 5. A second season would most likely feature vol.4 (Shoushitsu, Disappearance), and perhaps more short stories from vol.6 and 8.
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