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ARENA 1 Abstain Shana (SnS) Hinagiku Katsura (HnG) <For the love of Shana, it's an easy pick
ARENA 2 Abstain Suigintou (RM) Yuki Nagato (SHnY) <For the quite elien
ARENA 3 Abstain Nanoha Takamachi (NA) Tamaki Kousaka (TH) <For the power White Devil
ARENA 4 Abstain Kyou Fujibayashi (CL) Tsukasa Hiiragi (LS) <A lame reason - because she is Kagami's sister...
ARENA 5 Abstain Mikuru Asahina (SHnY) Nagi Sanzenin (HnG) <Negi is my favourite girl of HnG, while time-travller is just annoying
ARENA 6 Abstain Louise Francoise (ZnT) Rin Tosaka (FSN) <For the power of tsundere
ARENA 7 Abstain Horo (SW) Tomoyo Sakagami (CL) <Vote for ears but not for tail (getting wolfed down by Horo)
ARENA 8 Abstain Nayuki Minase (KN) Konata Izumi (LS) <For sleepiness
ARENA 9 Abstain Chikaru Minamoto (SP) Souseiseki (RM) <For her manliness...
ARENA 10 Abstain Konoka Konoe (NG) Fate Testarossa (NA) <No need of any reason to vote Fate
ARENA 11 Abstain Maria (HnG) Aruruu (U) <Vote Maria for Nagi's sake...
ARENA 12 Abstain Evangeline McDowell (NG) Kotomi Ichinose (CL) <Vampire-fetish
ARENA 13 Abstain Rika Furude (HNKN) Sakura Matou (FSN)
ARENA 14 Abstain Nagisa Furukawa (CL) Hanyuu Furude (HNKN) <pic vote
ARENA 15 Abstain Alice Carroll (ARIA) Mion Sonozaki (HNKN) <Alice is moe
ARENA 16 Abstain Fuko Ibuki (CL) Saber (FSN)
ARENA 17 Abstain Touka (U) Kagami Hiiragi (LS) <Kagami is just a perfect sample of moe for me
ARENA 18 Abstain Sakura Kinomoto (CS) Ayu Tsukimiya (KN) <Vote for the memories of old days
ARENA 19 Abstain Yuno (HS) Haruhi Suzumiya (SHnY) <I have voted Haruhi? When? Where? Why? It can't be! It must be some divine intervention.
ARENA 20 Abstain Shinku (RM) Matsuri Shihou (Sola) <For the little red queen
ARENA 21 Abstain Eri Sawachika (SR) Ayumu Nishizawa (HnG) <For the Hamster
ARENA 22 Abstain Setsuna Sakurazaki (NG) Mai Kawasumi (KN) <For white wings (pun intended, I wonder if it's another reason Eva chooses the name)
ARENA 23 Abstain Tamao Suzumi (SP) Konomi Yuzuhara (TH)
ARENA 24 Abstain Eruruu (U) Shiori Misaka (KN)
ARENA 25 Abstain Vita (NA) Teletha Testarossa (FMP) <First hard pick, I really wanted to vote Vita, but Tessa's moe-ness is too strong
ARENA 26 Abstain Yue Ayase (NG) Tsuruya (SHnY) <Vote for teeth
ARENA 27 Abstain Nodoka Miyazaki (NG) Yurie Hitotsubashi (KM)
ARENA 28 Abstain Suiseiseki (RM) Sakura-hime (TC) <For the evil power of desu
ARENA 29 Abstain Tamaki Kawazoe (BB) Ryou Fujibayashi (CL)
ARENA 30 Abstain Rena Ryuguu (HNKN) Kyon's Sister (SHnY) <Rena in boold is quite moe
ARENA 31 Abstain Sayuri Kurata (KN) Chiaki Minami (M) <Are you a baka? Need to ask why voting Chiaki?
ARENA 32 Abstain C.C. (CG) Kiri Komori (SZS) <For mistress of Pizza Hut
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