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Oh wow, this episode was a such a treat for Yamauchi Shigeyasu fans like myself. So stylish, beautiful and expressive. I wish he worked on every episode of the series.

Originally Posted by Zaresh View Post
If you liked the artstyle of this episode, I highly recommend you to watch "Casshern Sins" and, in a lesser degree, Yumekui Merry (because the end of merry was meh).
Casshern Sins is highly recommended to people who want to see more of Yamauchi Shigeyasu, though personally i'd recommend Saint Seiya first. It's where his style started, and is easily to this day one of the best performances of directing and storyboards i've ever seen.

& let's not forget, there's also Heartcatch Precure. You can get away with calling that a sequel to Casshern Sins.
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