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Maybe I ruined it for myself by reading spoilers? Or else the character designs didn't really fit. Somehow, Kanba and Himari's conversation was way more emotional in my head.

Well, I did like Casshern Sins though (and Heartcatch Precure). The chara designs worked really well during the Momoka flashback portions. Kanba's face as Himari was talking was just weird, though. And Himari looked too childish.

The ending was kinda weird too. I agree that Ringo's dialogue interjected before we could really understand what Shouma was feeling.

Anyway, now it is out there. How much Kanba is suffering for the sake of Himari. Shouma, Natsume, and Himari herself. Let's see how they change and what they decide to do.

Incidentally, I guess we figured out how Sanetoshi was behind all of this now. Sanetoshi was the one who sent the photos (of Kanba) to Tabuki. Natsume's final line was about "kono ie", i.e. "that roof" or "that household" metaphorically. I'd say she's referring to how Sanetoshi is targeting it as Kanba's weakness.

I'm gonna associate Sanetoshi with the "goddess" in Shouma's fairy tale. "Mary" is of course Takekura Kenzan. Since Takekura Kenzan really does seem to have had really high connections in the Penguin group, which Sanetoshi is ultimately controls the power of. My guess is that Kenzan stole some of that power or something and is currently leading a coup d'etat of one of the Penguin factions. That's why Sanetoshi wants to punish him/his family. Sanetoshi may also even want revenge on the Takekura's because of what happened to Momoka.

This was the conclusion of Tabuki's story. Yuri still has the diary, but she may also be dropping out as a major player after this. What we have is Sanetoshi targeting Himari, Kanba destroying himself protecting her, Natsume trying to protect Kanba, Shouma wanting to be of use to protect both of them, and Ringo trying to support Shouma. For the story to move on from now, I guess what we'll need to see is the PoC obtaining the Penguindrum (:P).
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