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I think the Sasuke vs Killer Bee fight may have been Kishimoto's way to give Sasuke a form of Jugo's ability which is called sage transformation. In this thread I will call Jugo's ability curse mark since a lot of people may not know that Jugo's ability is called sage transformation.


Judging by what Karin says in the picture above it seems a enzyme in Jugo's blood may cause his ability the curse mark to activate.


Jugo gave Sasuke his flesh to repair Sasuke’s chest from Killer Bee’s attack which means Sasuke should have Jugo's enzyme.

Maybe Sasuke wouldn't need a seal on his neck to use the curse marks power if he can find a way to activate Jugo's enzyme without using a seal.

Do you think there's a chance Sasuke could get the curse marks power to activate?

I made this curse mark theory a while back on MangaStream forum but I've changed it over time and posted it here to see what people think of it now. The MangaStream forum was deleted.

Curse Mark + Sage Mode combination

If Sasuke can activate Jugo's enzyme to use the curse mark and if he learned sage mode then the curse mark could let him use sage mode for longer. As the curse mark would let Sasuke absorb natural energy when moving.

Naruto can't currently collect natural energy while moving but Kabuto can since he has Jugo's DNA. Kabuto can absorb natural energy while moving which lets him use sage mode for longer.

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