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I highly doubt he will get it back. sasuke is a proud uchiha. he isn't the type who wants to make a conglomeration of other clans powers in his body like kabuto, danzo or tobi. having to use the curse mark would mean that the best of the new generation uchiha still isn't good enough with his own clan's dna. i doubt that would sit well with him. just my opinion. it's also true that whenever sasuke gets in a bind, he quickly wants whatever power he can get his hands on so it's not like it couldn't happen, but another argument against it would be that it would be repetitive story-telling. we've already seen sasuke with the curse mark. it would be a bit boring i think as opposed to a new EMS power or something we havent seen yet
Many People on the internet have said they are bored of Sasuke using susanoo all the time so him getting curse mark could help him put more variety into his fighting style.

I don't think Sasuke would mind using Jugo's power since he's used it before and he already has Jugo's curse mark enzyme inside his body.
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