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Originally Posted by Bismark View Post
There only seem to be a handful of curse marks left, with Anko's being the last one possible as she has the heaven mark as well. So the question isn't so much Sasuke, it's Anko.
Killer Bee damaged Sasuke's chest so Jugo gave Sasuke some of his flesh and chakra.

In Jugo's flesh is a enzyme which contains the power of the curse mark and since Sasuke has Jugo's flesh he has the curse mark enyzme inside him so if Sasuke can activate this enzyme he can use the curse mark.

(This is explained in the 1st post of this thread in more detail).

@Dengar the curse seal let Sasuke survive a direct hit from Deidara's bombs with little damage so the curse mark isn't weak and even if it was it would still be good for Sasuke to get it since every bit of power helps in a fight.
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