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Originally Posted by Dr. Casey View Post
This change actually drastically alters Kyosuke's character. Kyosuke is a normal enough teenage boy in the Light Novels... in the anime, however, responding to Kuroneko's love by calling it 'scary' means that he's clinically insane by every possible measure.
I really think you're over-reading into that comment. He's not saying her love is "scary" by any means. She just said that she spent the whole night obsessing over him and filled her notebook with text and illustrations, and his first reaction is to find that obsession a bit creepy (which it kind of is). But, he already knows what she's like, and his very next comment is that it makes him happy that she's thinking about him so much, and he's even grateful because it'll help him know what to do to make her happy. So this is just like how his initial reaction is to find a lot of things "otaku" do to be a bit creepy at first, but he comes to understand and appreciate it.

So no, this change really doesn't alter anything about Kyousuke's character at all, and isn't really a bad thing. I think you're just juxtaposing things in a rather extreme way to make it seem like a judgement call when it really wasn't when put in context.
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