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How's mine? Just a simple Xenogear's avatar from me.Hehehe,please rate mine! Thank you very much!

Radiosity :My,what a nice avie.She? is cute!Moe,moe,moe,moe,moe,moe~!With sunset scene as the background,it brings up the cuteness within her and her shocking feeling?.Well done!I'll give you 8/10!!!!How's that,nice?

Kira_Naruto:Cool evil looking girl!I think I've seen this character from an anime somewhere but I cannot remember her well,sorry.About the rating I'll give you 8 or 9/10!!!I think you have make it small,right?Of course you would,if not you will break the law of this forum.If it is in it's original state,the character could be seen clearly and beautifully!The character is balanced in the center,very good!Put some background to make it much more beautiful!I admire you!

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