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Well, Bradley's sword has the 'power of plot' imbued in it, but it can be easily explained by claiming that it's made of the hardest substance in the world.

We all know he's physically capable of, so the fighting skills he displays in this episode are pretty much in par with what we already know. It still boggles the mind that Ling is the only pure human who is able to (at least) last in a sword fight with him, which undoubtedly is no small feat. With regard to the sword, Olivier is no match for those two, though I do wonder where this places Izumiódespite the difference of their fighting methods. Thanks to Greed, the chances of Ling winning against Wrath has gone up considerably, but the jury is still out it seems.

Anyway, what a cool run this series has going so far. Sometimes, I think to myself that I should maybe take a break and wait until it's all over so I can just marathon the last episodes. These cliffhangers are beginning to kill me!
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