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You can see it on the official site.
Originally Posted by ThomasRomain View Post
We could discuss that in a more appropriate forum, but if you ask it here I'll answer your question. First, what do you dislike in the chara design of AKB0048? The way people appreciate or not character design is a very subjective matter. Personnaly I don't dislike it. I think characters are cute. But I think we need to wait to see them on the screen because the work of animation directors will probably make them look a little bit different.
Besides, Ebata san who already designed characters of Macross frontier is REALLY talented. Shery and Ranka are ones of the most popular female characters in Japan and I think that she knows what she is doing. What do you think of Macross F characters?
Yeah sorry if I'm being harsh.
But I'm really do not expect its gonna have that kind of chara design, I'm expecting some realism on its design like in Macross F or at least Idolm@ster the animation than something that usually belong in magical girl/mahou shoujo title, especially because AKB48 is the real group, anyone would expect their anime design is kinda "real-ish".

But I guess its technical decision?
Because more simpler design gonna be easier for you guys animate in the concert and mix it in CG.

Anyway back to this title, I'm expecting some nice background for its semi-futuristic design.
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