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Originally Posted by Raviel View Post
Spoiler for spoilers to be sure:
Spoiler for Discussion about weapon damage in SAO, minor Vol 1 LN/ep4 spoilers:

ME1 took place on 56th floor, it lines up perfectly with the "meeting" at the start of ep5. Why they cut the last half of ME1.. ?? Sigh..

Spoiler for ME1 spoilers:

Agil/Egil mostly saw Kirito/Asuna interaction at the strategy meetings. Far from the timid yet strong-willed girl she was during Aria and the first floor meeting of ep2, Asuna was now very aggressive as a sub-leader of a pro guild and did not like "wasting time" in SAO. She wanted to progress, clear, progress some more, and clear. Nothing mattered but clearing, mapping for the next clear, and progressing some more. She was very driven to this goal during the beginning of ep5. That is why when she comes across Kirito taking a nap, she was at first pissed (although over a month had passed since that meeting). Thanks to them cutting out the last half of ME1, you also don't make the connection that occurs during these two scenes:

Spoiler for ME1, last page spoilers & context w/Ep 5:

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