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Originally Posted by n120cky View Post
Is there any max number player/party that can enter Floor boss room?
What is the max number of player in a party?
Here's a quote from the Aria side story. It doesn't mention how many players can enter the boss room but I don't think there is a limit. It is hard to say how future floors boss fights look like, but 40+ people is apparently enough for the "easy" bosses. The harder bosses would require more players, I imagine.

Spoiler for Aria in the Starless Night quote:

Right after thinking that line, he saw another solo player and decided to party with them. This took place in episode 2 immediately after Diabel had told the group to "make a party with friends or people near you!"

Regarding the strategy for the first boss fight, here is what Diabel planned for Illfang the Kobold Lord:

Spoiler for Aria spoilers, Diabel's boss fight strategy:

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