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This series has got nothing on Ergo Proxy or Texhnolyze, but it was still enjoyable.

It's easy to tell why Urobuchi Gen chose Akane to be this kind of protagonist - he's going to shred her naivety to pieces. Problem is I have a little difficulty accepting that such a person could train to work in the field and be THIS naive. Just a little nudge on my suspension of belief, and I normally am not that concerned about this stuff.

Also I hope Gen has something a little more complex in store here, I don't want this to be as simple as Minority Report. Who knows though.

Aesthetically it's quite a pleasure to look at, and I love the direction, but the content still leaves me unsure. It's definitely going to be entertaining I imagine, but will it truly be greatness? That's what I am wondering, so far I don't see it yet.

Yes I hold cyberpunks to high standards.
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