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And while it does seem extreme at the moment, the emotional trauma the woman was put through IS the kind of stuff that can put people over the edge, so the system judging her as a future threat probably wasn't wrong.
I think that's too much of a simplification. Labeling people according to their "criminality" is not all there is to this system. The system also dictates what to do with these people.

I mean, it's obvious a rape victim would be unstable enough to be a potential threat to herself and others. You don't need a futuristic speaking gun to tell you that. The issue is, what do you do with such a person? Do you treat her like the victim she is and provide her with the appropriate psychological and physical help, or do you put a paralyzing gun on her head and send her to their hellish "rehabilitation" camp?

It doesn't take much to realize this "system" is pile of cr@p.
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