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Sei and Dou have nothing to do with styles as far as I can remember, it is mainly focused on emotions. A Sei user will remain calm through the whole battle and their power will never fluctuate up or down. A Dou type on the other hand uses emotions to fuel them, using anger for example to increase their strength as the fight goes on.
While a Sei user's power will never go up or down a Dou user's power will fluctuate depending on their state of mind.
Speed and strength, precision and accuracy...styles used, none of it really matters when it comes to being a Sei or Dou.

But hey, that's just my take on it...

PS: Masters trained for 20 years? Pfft more like their whole lives...all Ryozanpaku masters are 30 or over...except Shigure (23) and Apachai (29).
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