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Taken all that into consideration, I don't think going back to England should be made to be a point against Rita. Even imo, London would be a better place for fine art than Tokyo, and simply wanting Mashiro going back to London is the same as wanting your children to have the best facility for their education.

On the issue about forcing Mashiro to paint, I think there's a lot of misunderstanding here, going back to England doesn't mean Mashiro will be force into drawing 24/7. Any good education institution in the world always let theirs student express individualism in their study while provide the best study enviroment to encourage the student to further their skills (meaning if she wants to study manga for art, I think they will let her do that, heck they might even let her go to Japan again for field trip study and arrange her to meet with some of the mangakas for inspiration). And if Mashiro truly loves painting, I believes going to a good studio or art institution in London wouldn't make her paint or work like slave, on the contrary, I think Mashiro would still very much enjoy her life there.

But imo, Mashiro lacks common sense, therefore she won't be able to see things to that extent, and just to make it worse, she won't listen either. And she won't let people know how she feels about fine art, about manga, her life and her future as a whole. She lacks the capabilitiy to express them imo. So Rita can only act on what she thinks is best for Mashiro atm.

And given if there's a person like Shiina in real life (talent but totally dependent), would you entirely suport her all the way for whahtever she decides without her even telling you her thought about the subject matter. If she's someone that can express her passion and is reliable like Aoyama, possiblly I will give in, but Mashiro? Unlikely
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