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Originally Posted by Dauerlutscher View Post
That was not the point. Read again and think a little.

Let's assume that she has no wish to do what people demand from her. And if those people who believe she is just tool to insipire others and she has no right to live her own life, than the only option for those people would be to put her in a cage and force her to do what they want, because there is chance that she will not accept their nonses and will escape.

The freedom is at the moment lost when people like you force others to drop their dreams and their lifes and make them do what you want them to do.

That's a lot of things to assume- are you sure you're discussing Sakurasou or some other Anime you think it should be?

No one said that it is not admirable. If she herself wants to do this admirable deed, it's ok because it her choise. Just to make somthing clear. I said that you have no right to force that from people. And why the hell do you think you have the right the right for that in the first place. How arogant can you be?

I wonder who is short sighted and norrow thinking in this whole debate.
After all, it's you who is going against fundamental human rights, against something that people have fighted for centuries and died for, and you have no problem with that, because you justify this with inspiring other people.

Simple question.
Is Shiina just a tool or a human being with rights, such as freedom to chose for herself what she does with her life? What do you believe. And talking around the bush is not allowed. Just a straight answer. Option A or option B.
Again, are you sure you're discussing Sakurasou and not some other Anime?

The entire premise of your argument is that someone is forcing Mashiro to go back against her will, fine so where's the gun pointing at her head? wheres the shackles and head bags and black wIndow vehIcles? Where's the blackmail and threats against her friends and generally making her life difficult?

The answer? There isn't any because nobody is forcing her. There is a difference between forcing and persuading. Your entire argument is base on an illusion of an invisible enemy that doesn't exist is this story.
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