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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Wait, are you suggesting that manga beats museum gallery every single time ?
Did I say that. I said if the goal is reaching a wider audience, where she is now is better.

With regard to which is better, neither. This conversational grows pointless and drives towards procrastination, so I'll leave you all to your own devices with some final thoughts on the whole "masterpiece" part of what's apparently in everyone's equation:

Take a painting. A painting tells a mute store, if one at all, manga expresses more feelings (though characters, plot, etc), but at the cost of excessive repetition and simplification of expression for the purpose of conveying underline emotion—that is the basic definition of both, but strip the definition away and you'll notice the difference is still present, why is that? Is it simply a matter of opinion? No. It's a matter of perspective; when dealing with time, things far away are much bigger then things up close, even if in reality they are of equal size. To take it one step back, let's say I'm a fan of typography (that's an art too, in case you were too busy abusing it every day to realize), if that were the case I'm obviously going to root for Mashiro to be a famous typographer and have her own typeface, "the Mashiro". Does that make painting and manga lesser art forms? Of course not. But by the common logic here (and well just about everywhere else people repeat what they've been brainwashed to think) it would, since it would go beyond inspiring young artists, it would inspire everyone who used it; even if was only a quaint typeface used in titles of books and such, the glyphs can hold as much power as a masterpiece. So, do you know why people don't talk about typefaces, their history, and the people who invented them? The same reason you think of manga as a lowly art now, the reason is because it's part of your every day life, and as such is closer, too small to notice. You think the so-called "grant masters" just became grand over night... most sold their work for food, many appreciated their work, but it was the same appreciation we might give now to a good series. "It is good." Of course now it's larger then life... since it's no more. So then how does one embody that? You don't, it's impossible because you do not live in the same time, and the time has passed long ago. So in cases like Mashiro one can never be what people like Rita want them to be. What they see and interpret with their limited understanding is merely an illusion from lack of an equivalent—no amount of wanting will change that, no amount of needing will make it true. You can not make a masterpiece, time and society make things into a masterpiece. If art is too alien to understand, look at books, look at old movies (the "classics" as it were), people even look at cartoons as "masterpieces."

So to be blunt, Mashiro just can't make a "masterpiece," it's not up to her. And going by the plot (ie. all the hard work she puts in) there exists a possibility she is aware of this.
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