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She's already a world class artist, given the setting, she has gotten the approval of the art world, all that left for her now is to push the boundaries and create even more amazing artworks. And if you watch the episode again, Rita was very careful with her word choice to suggest Mashiro's potential to create a masterpiece that will go down in history. Everything she said was about Mashiro's potential, not about her actual cappability to create one atm yet.

Yes, you might argue that it's just Rita's illusion. But if Mashiro stays in her art world and continues fine art, that possibility still has more chance to come true rather her quit painting altogether (I'm not suggesting that though, just saying hypothetically). And givenRita's character, I would think she know more about Mashiro's cappability than you are, I don't think she would go that without taking everything into consideration.

Let me ask, fine art and manga, which is it do you honestly think Mashiro has more chance to be successful at? And which part do you think she should take right fnow or her future, in your opinion? And please don't answer she should do whatever she likes.
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