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Could they have not used a forbidden technique? is possible. also lets not forget Hashirama blocked a Bjuudama from the Nine tails with Mokuton, and Orochimaru used the demonic gates Triple Rashōmon to block Naruto's four tails bomb, so there must be something they can use to protect themselves. if not then by the reaction to the kids, the parents are indeed dead!
The 2 examples were both above your typical kage level, in fact for Hashirama, he was way above that. And the attack by the Juubi has also been depicted to be way stronger than the other bijuu attacks.

Those guys at the HQ were not even kage level, so it is very muhc unlikely they could do something like that. Of course, they could have still just survived the explosion somehow.

Or as mentioned, the 5 kages managed to step in.
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