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Originally Posted by Ithekro View Post
Unlike President Clinton, Romney did support the US goals in Vietnam and reportedly debated with the French over it while on missionary their during the war.

Why Catholic France needs Mormon missionaries, I don't know. Romney spent the time the draft was going on in school or on mission in France, coming home around the time the draft was ending, getting married and having a mountain of children (as is Morman custom it seems).

Romney's father worked with Nixon by the 1970s after losing his own bid for President in 1968. Mitt changed is stance on Vietnam to reflect well on his father who ran on a platform to end the war.
Fundamentally, the problem is it puts Romney in with the many other "neo-con chickenhawks". People who support war (and Romney protested FOR the war) but they themselves were "too good to serve", using exemptions and connections to avoid service. It is at the very heart of the corrosive self-ordained "aristocracy" in the US.
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