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Originally Posted by monir View Post
You are right in a general sense, but the point still remains that the anti-Obama fodder isn't as simple as race-card many seem to believe at. It's more of an ideological stance that divides between liberalism and conservatism. There won't be a riot regardless of the outcome.
I'm not sure how big of a factor the race-card is. I know it isn't the only factor and I know not all anti-Obama people are racist against blacks, but I think the race-card matters a good amount, not just "kinda". People could be a bit racist or very racist, and then their dislike for Obama's ideologies feed off of that, and then you end up with some of the nastiest anti-Obama people.

I know there are plenty of people that hate Obama that aren't racist against blacks, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were more people that hold Obama's race against him than some of you guys think. They don't all have to be very racist. It could be a more mild racism.

Whoever wins the election, we probably won't get riots, but I'm starting to get pessimistic about politics in America. I'm starting to get pessimistic about American citizens and politics. It seems like they've become nastier and uglier than ever before with politics and how they conduct themselves when involved in it. It just seems like, in these regards, we are just sliding down and down. Just look at the "debates" this year. A real shame. Romney sets the tone for them all with his aggressiveness and rudeness, and then we have Biden playing the game to try to win his debate and he overcompensates, and then we have Obama playing this game and he is interrupting more and being more aggressive. These things ended up being the things that won the debates. Undecided voters were less swayed about what the politicians actually said and whether or not what they said was even true and if they even agreed with the stances they've held for months!

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