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*cute Anko flashback dream* Awww... *cut to obese Dera sleeping* GAAAAHH!!

Anko's determination to be called An, while still calling herself Anko in third person, is adorable. As is... well... everything about her, really. That's a good way to describe this episode, really. Adorable.

I was both surprised and please to see Shiori show up to help in the mochi shop.

The decision to use Dera as the golden bird thing for the shrine was amusing.

Running away and hiding in the closet isn't likely to improve your image with him, Anko...

Beach episode next time, maybe? Swimming at least.

I don't know if this has been answered or not but is the flower store owner a dude or a chick?
I'm leaning towards yes.

Dera! Develop some self-control, for crying out loud. You can barely even walk now, let alone fly. How are you expecting to do your job? I'm pretty sure you're way overdue already, and at this rate you're going to die as a blob of fat in Japan without ever finding a bride for your prince. Stop eating every bit of mochi you're offered, and start exercising.
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