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Originally Posted by Duo Maxwell View Post
Don't limit yourself, and thinking "it's impossible" for SRW.

Nothing is impossible for SRW.
People used to say that about Gurren Lagann. See where it is now?
I never said it was impossible. However the fact that Demonbane is a product of another game developer (Nitro+) would be really silly business wise to let a competitor license it in their own game. TTGL is an anime first, owned by Gainax (an animation studio) and licensing it isn't a problem. It took longer to get it probably because Konami got the rights first and Banpresto had to wait til it expired.

Originally Posted by Zenemis View Post
He's got a point though, Demonbane eclipses even most (all?) the Banpresto Originals in power.
More like all and then some when it wields the Shining Trapezohedron since it can cut down multiverses. Though anything before that Demonbane is fine as any super robot.
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