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Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
I make no small effort to hide the fact that I would motorboat those in a heartbeat

Hey.... I-I didn't say anything about the rooftop of an abandoned building....

Issei broke the first rule of quantity: 5 seconds is better than 0 seconds. Imagine if my boss gave me an extra 5 minutes of overtime to wrap up my work, I'd say "heck yeah thanks!" and eat up those 5 minutes of work. I'm not going to go "oh I got 5 minutes. What should I do? Should I check the net? Which site should I visit? Pixiv or Danbooru?" no no no, that was 5 minutes for work, there's no decision to make, I got a job to do and I'm going to do it.

Issei failed to capitalize. This guy was as good as dead twice, and a chance like this, 5 seconds of booby time, is a chance he never could have gotten had he stayed dead, the only choice to take there was "will I do it or will I not", but that wasn't the choice.

Exactamundo! What's the difference between one boob or the other?


I think you forgot the part that I've been trying to point out, Issei eventually decided to go for the both of them at once, 4 seconds too late. He wasn't deciding which one to suck, hell why decide anyways? Did he try to use x-ray vision to determine which boob has more milk? No.
Your forgetting that at max he would of gotten 2 secs 3 if he were lucky, and really the first rule of quantity is bullshit and you know it. 5 secs means nothing in practically any context especially when it's really 2 or 3 of breast time. Oh no I wasted 2 secs boo hoo. Your being ridiculous here and even you should see it.

If those 5 secs were the difference in being laid or not then I'd understand your point, but 2-3 secs of breast time is meaningless, he'd be better off spending his time trying to get something more substancial.
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