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@ ^

... uhh, really? (don't be offended, alright?)

Y'know... my "Reminiscent Memory" acts up again... and to be honest, Misaki Mei kinda reminds me of...

Spoiler for Clue: Grand Chase character. If you don't know who she is, feel free to open this tag.:

... just like
  • Mikuni Miharu from KissXSis, which reminds me of Nao Yorihime (of YnS), and
  • Nao Yorihime (of YnS), which in turn also reminds me of Mari (of GC)
Certainly, her character (and the story) is interesting... I'll just have to buy a pirated DVD of this anime series to find out.

It seems that Manny Pacquiao will now reach his downfall... he never takes Timothy Bradley seriously, and he's more busy in frickin' politics than his boxing career. I'm starting to lose my faith in this guy.
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