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Originally Posted by Kurohane View Post
If you're just talking about the amount in crystals, while there are areas to get extra crystals like story events, we also get periodic magnafest that give players an extra 200 free, no effort required for that.

Also even if you get limited weapons, characters and summons, you still have to put in the effort to level and uncap those characters and items.
Fact someone can pick Seasonal and Zodiac is not worth to mention? Mahira is not important? Andira? Xmas Naru? Forgot about them?

I don't get your logic because among all options up to Tier II, assuming someone is new player, it only problematic if they picked Vintages, V. Grimnir, G. Jeanne and G. Vira with honorary mention to Rei who need functional roster first. The rest works pretty well even on Magna phase until you reach point of min-maxing; you might want to argue about Belial functionality, but being Dark with capability to limit damage taken is an understandable enough deal for element that dealing with Chevalier and Metatron. Argument of leveling and uncap is pretty weak thanks to revamped player bonus.

Originally Posted by Kurohane View Post
Which could have also happened during the treasure/scratcher events. And it was just as unlikely, usually getting half elixirs/berries instead. Remember when people complained about getting too many berries.
Which an awful comparison to begin with.

Too many berries? Sure but whatever you get from scratch doesn't invalidate you still need to play hard.
Congrats if you able to hit the grand prize because its already expected beforehand that the chance is low; the despair is fair to all thus more meme instead of backlash.
Here? You have Tier III prizes literally spit on Tier IV, Tier II prizes laugh on Tier III, combined with fact a player can win multiple or both Tier II and Tier III compare to others that wait two weeks for Gold Moons, backlash is inevitable; somehow Cygames thinking everyone get free Tier III is fine solution as if unable to realize it will enraged people that been pointing distribution issue and disparity of reward between tiers.

Originally Posted by Kurohane View Post
Never said it wasn't understandable, just not worth the backlash over what is essentially free stuff. The whole range of prizes was given to us ahead of time. The GBF team even made sure the distribution of cards wasn't entirely random so everyone would likely get something if they logged in everyday. Could they have done more? Yes. Could they have adjusted the prizes better? Yes! However at the end of the day, it's just free stuff.
Sure, fairness about free stuff that could cut ones patience is no big deal because its free stuff.
Agree to disagree. For me what's important is the damage already done. It will be interesting to see if Cygames will actually make effort about further response as the news ended up wild enough to make Uma Musume and Princess Connect playerbase skeptical about how free stuffs handled; Granblue is their flagship, after all, so it kinda inevitable.

Yesterday, the official Twitter is full of "F*ck you, Cygames" and people explaining how free Tier III is not changing anything across Summer Shalem and the apologize tweets.
Now it got visible "Thank you, Cygames", stuffs like that. It lose most complaint tweets I read last night; only meme remains on each personal Twitter page, mostly about someone with Belial and 2 Gold Moons wondering if what he got is truly fair to Tier III and Tier II winners after "everyone get free Tier III".
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