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Class isekai where the ostracized MC stays nice

I've seen a number of Isekai series lately where an entire class gets summoned, at which point the hero is ostracized. Either he was always disliked, or his powers are deemed useless, or alternatively deemed "dangerous", and seemingly everyone treats him like trash. In every single one I can think of, this results in the hero either being kicked our or leaving of his own accord, then using the persecution as a trigger to start hating everyone and become a heartless bastard who doesn't care who he victimizes. I was wondering then, are there any where you have that start with the class summoned and reasons developed for "everyone" to hate and maybe fear/distrust him, but he doesn't leave or turn hateful, instead choosing to remain a good guy and try to eventually convince at least some of them that he's not useless/dangerous? Seems like a more interesting story to me than "they hate me so I'll kill/enslave/violate them all".

Needless to say, manga and LN are welcome.
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