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Originally Posted by 0cean View Post
For a loose definition of class, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru sou desu yo?
Sorry, but no. Not because we're not dealing with a class getting summoned (though that's part of it), but more importantly none of these characters are outcasts in the new world. Sure, they choose to side with a community of outcasts, but still they themselves are not derided or persecuted or ostracized.
Originally Posted by Lex79 View Post
Probably not 100% what you are looking for, but in My Instant Death Ability Is So Overpowered, No One in This Other World Stands a Chance Against Me!
Spoiler for beginning of the story:
Actually I myself thought that was possibly the closest I've actually seen to this. And yeah he doesn't hold any grudge after the others abandon them. Honestly he doesn't seem to care that much about any of them (which makes sense since he's basically a god in human form).
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