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I guess it depends on what you want from an outcast. Izayoi is pretty much an outcast because of his strength, he just doesn't get all emo about it and continues to do whatever he wants and thus slowly gains the trust of the others.

In that sense, being an outcast is part attitude.
It's hard to ostracize someone with a good attitude without looking irrational. And irrational characters are a sign of bad writing. Like Tate no Yuusha, where everyone except for the protagonist and his friends is a certified moron. The other side of that is how do you expect anyone to stay nice, when surrounded by actual idiots that negatively impact your life?

I don't know any isekai where a whole class was summoned, but another spin on the ostracized part is Strange Dawn, where the two classmates are both feared and worshipped by everyone in the new world. The inhabitants simulatenously try to get on their good side while also plotting to use or kill them, but the two girls just kind of don't care too much and only want to go home.

In general, older isekai shows have this whole protagonist gets rejected by the new world theme going on.
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