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I didn't play Genshin because of my experience with Mihoyo in Honkai, but with how this discussion expanded within games community (particularly gacha section, thanks to Genshin popularity) and when I saw how things developed here turned out there's some misinformation happens here, let me explain some of it.

First, banner blindness in GBF is not entirely true.

Cygames been included hint of who is the next playable character and what they capable of (through seiyuu talk, events, schedule and their own 4-koma).
So anyone within the game community should already have a gist of who the new character. Surprise only happen occasionally and that's often within calculation as well (Shion, a Fire DPS with good Fire weapon, before Fire-themed guild wars, or Tikoh, first in-universe character voiced by Yoshino Nanjo, a healer in element with a lot of healers, got good character story currently one of characters with most requested rate-up after playerbase skip her on her debut banner).

Back then leak also happened to GBF and affect decision of high-end players considering there's guild war in the game.
Their approach to the problem is Kimura Yuito, the director, personally approach leakers and made agreement that allowed leak is only weapon arts and weapon type.
With Cygames actively giving character hint following that, leak gradually became less desired but to extreme min-maxing player that care about securing weapon type option.

Second, you can easily find Honkai leaks on YouTube is true.

However mind that Honkai environment is all about being competitive.
As a result, their high-end players hardly give a damn about whether a new character functional on its own or not because min-maxing is all that matters.
Their dolphin + whale population also easily more significant than F2P (as shown by huge difference between CN and SEA server) so there's no harm about leak as active feedback works in favor of both sides. Mihoyo wanted whatever they thrown sell, whales wanted whatever they got competitive.

My take here considering my experience is that Mihoyo expecting Genshin fanbase to do the same as Honkai fanbase.
No need to ask, just roll for them, don't forget to spend because Genshin is unique and only one. They're agitated because leak hindered them to reach that state; its actually funny that both sides not even tried to play smart about it. As mentioned by dragon1412, in Mihoyo part if leak really an issue they can start hiring internal testers. In leakers part, they actually can escape with simple fact by playing 'not all of our leaks are true', but somehow they consider themselves to be the reason why Genshin is successful so all that Patreon and Kofi is normal. LOL.

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