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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
Didn't deny that, but the big hitters from Mihoyo's own "home turf" would have been a bigger challenge to their monopoly. It may be just me, but I feel like Japan and Korea have to step up more than China if they want to compete with Genshin. Korea hasn't released enough gacha games (only Counter:Side comes to mind), while Japan seems happy enough to make "lightweight" games that earn them money or games that rely too much on an existing franchise or fanbase. Genshin was born out of a multimillion-dollar risk. Only a risk (or passion) of that scale can make something like Genshin.
Its not happy enough but difference on consumer preferences.
Back then I had a talk with each of my Japanese and Chinese colleague about their mobile game preferences.

I asked my Japanese colleagues, why game like Puzzle & Dragon and Monster Strike are extremely popular compare to Honkai that is very popular in SEA.
He answered "At our age (me and him BTW), we live a busy life, so we prefer something that can be played with one hand. On whim, while waiting on station, on train until arrive at destination. Just like light novel; easy to understand, pause anytime, anywhere, with simple spec requirement also granting degree of progress enough to serve as topic when players met with each other, be it intended or coincidence."

Meanwhile my Chinese colleagues, when I asked about Honkai popularity in CN, he found it difficult to explain past "It got waifu and flashy action, oh, getting high score is fun too.".
During that time, he's kinda pissed off his waifu moveset not flashy enough. Last year IIRC, Mihoyo released his waifu alt. with flashy destructive moveset and fairly meta for long time. Following that he can talk about it for month (character design, min-maxing it, whether he can bypass some stage with her meta-ness, how many he need to spent for copies so he can experience her at full power, like that).

I guess that explained why CN can have mobile games like Genshin, Honkai, Punishing Gray Raven or Devil May Cry Mobile.
Its just different demand, and Japanese themselves when it comes to 'full package' games will going to Playstation (FF VIIR, Tales of Arise, Street Fighter V, Dragon Quest, etc.) or PC (Apex Legends, Train Simulator, etc.)
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