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You remember it's his goal to be self sufficient, and he's not exactly wealthy, that's why he hates wasting money around.

As for the winner, I don't know.

Also, moar Twincest

Rito whipped his holographic cellphone open. A strikingly familiar face appeared in front of him.

“[Morning, Rito-san]”

“Really, for you to call so early in the morning, it’s weird” Rito sighed, but then he smiled “Not that I’m unhappy about it though, I’m just about to call you this noon”

“[Pardon, Rito-san, I just wanted to tell that the new equipment is almost finished and will be delivered next week after a series of conditional testing in the lab]” she deliver a faux knock to her head, complete will tongue and all.

However, Rito doesn’t respond so lightly, now that he realized that there’s something wrong with her eyes. “That fast? Don’t work too hard, please; you made me worried, Riko-san”

He noticed that there’s slight fatigue in her tones, and her sclera scream the lack of proper sleep.

“[You should thanks Mikan for that matter, she’s sleeping soundly right now, she’s not sleeping at all yesterday]”

“Shoot. Don’t tell me she’s skipping school … you girls need to set your priority straight”

She pouted on that blunt statement “[Of course, Baka. You need to be more grateful]”

He put a palm on his hair and ruffle it “I am truly happy and really, I owe two of you so much I could cry. But at the very least, I have concern about your well being”

Seeing his seriousness, her face flushed a little and she rolled her eyes while twirling her slightly curled red hair. “[I… I care for you, and that’s why we want to deliver the best hardware for you to use]”

Rito truly wished he can do better, he was touched how she cared about him that much “I know, I love you too, but please trust me this time, just deliver that backpack and I will handle the rest”

“[I can’t do that, Mikan will be angry]”

“I’ll take that responsibility myself; I’ll contact our superior and tell him about it. If it’s an official request, then there shouldn’t be too much problem. Besides, [Wolken Reiter] can’t be left in the brink forever. [Igel] is far from perfect and I need you ASAP”

“[… You’ve always been this strong, aren’t you?]” She smiled “[See you later, Rito-san]”

The call was put to an end and the hologram disappeared, Rito put his phone on the table and began to enjoy his breakfast. The cafeteria just opened and thus many people just come and took their share.
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