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I really, really tried to give AGE the benefit of the doubt, I tried to like it...However there are just so many little things that when added up take all the enjoyment out of it.

Can someone tell me, exactly what was the point of Zeheart's development in Gen 2? I was hoping to see him develop and be one of the key characters in finding a peaceful conclusion to the war. It was only logical after all the development with Asemu, but no. Turns out he's nothing more than a psychopath with a god complex. I'm not buying that bullshit that it's to show good people can do evil. It comes out of nowhere, and it's a regression of his development.

Then there's Seric. How dare he question Kio's way of fighting?! It's as if they're trying to shove Kio's beliefs down our throats. Screw any reason or logic! Seric is a practical character, he's not necessarily driven by hate like Flit, but he understands that in order to protect his comrades, he has to kill people. He's also the same character who told Kio to stop going after Zeheart because a pilot's job isn't to just kill his enemy, and to go after the bombs. Seric is the voice of reason, and I think he's the character people relate with the most. I don't think I've seen him say or do anything that didn't make complete sense.

Fram oh Fram, the only female character with any sort of relevancy and one of the few vagans that comes across as a sympathetic human being. She should have died like Spriggan, one episode after her introduction, that way they didn't have to waste so much time building her character only to derail it like they've done.

This episode has made something very obvious. There is only one way of thinking and that is Kio's. Period.
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