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Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
Can someone tell me, exactly what was the point of Zeheart's development in Gen 2? I was hoping to see him develop and be one of the key characters in finding a peaceful conclusion to the war. It was only logical after all the development with Asemu, but no. Turns out he's nothing more than a psychopath with a god complex. I'm not buying that bullshit that it's to show good people can do evil. It comes out of nowhere, and it's a regression of his development.
There was no point.

It's just like with most of the girls. They're just there as baby makers. Hell we don't even know what happened to Millaris. The treatment of females in this show is horrible. They're just there.

What was the point of Renai? To show the corruption of the Federation? Oh wait it turns out that the asshole sabotaged her so he could use her as a bargaining chip so the Federation's hands were clean in that point.

Hell what's the whole point with Wendy and Kio's aunt? (Whose name I have forgotten).

Then there's Seric. How dare he question Kio's way of fighting?! It's as if they're trying to shove Kio's beliefs down our throats. Screw any reason or logic! Seric is a practical character, he's not necessarily driven by hate like Flit, but he understands that in order to protect his comrades, he has to kill people. He's also the same character who told Kio to stop going after Zeheart because a pilot's job isn't to just kill his enemy, and to go after the bombs. Seric is the voice of reason, and I think he's the character people relate with the most. I don't think I've seen him say or do anything that didn't make complete sense.
The funny thing is is that the writers actually put that logic in the show to contest Kio which begs the question where are they going with it? Then they go with Asemu, "Fight for what you believe in."

Seric is correct that top priority is to focus on the big picture and to protect your comrades. Needlessly handicapping yourself in those scenarios isn't just asking to get killed but also endangering your comrades. Also the sooner you finish a battle the less casualties there would be.

The fact is it's bad that Seric is the "Balanced" voice of reason here which Asemu should be. Take Kira for example in SEED, he simply disabled suits but he didn't go out of his way to protect the pilots. He simply took them out of the fight. When it came to dealing with the actual instigators he brought the hammer down on them and all safeties were off by that point.

On that matter though do they actually think the Gundam AGE would sell a lot of kits if they needlessly handicap the protagonists' suit like that?

So, um, do you actually have any problem with Seric's character?
I think he was being sarcastic.
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