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You know, Zeheart didn't really do a 180, he has been built up as a loyal zealot for quite some time. He always followed Ezelcant's orders, the only special thing for him in Gen 2 was Asemu.

In Gen 3 we have Zeheart again, be the soldier Ezelcant wanted him to be, he lost a few battles, but he was always loyal to Ezelcant, so loyal that he swallowed the true project Eden in a matter of moments, Not to mention you can see how drunk he is on his own power, he finally lost it, he needs to die so he can be redeemed in a newtype flash scene.

Kio refuses to use the burst-mode because .. why? seriously they are handling his character so bad just so he can have that final " hero " snap like Kira did in SEED:<
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