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Originally Posted by dardel
hi, i'm a begginer in gundam models. i was looking for internet shops, but only found in the us or japan. i was wondering if there are some shops in europe (i'm from slovakia), since with my friend we want to buy models, bandai original ones. if there aren't, where do you think is better to buy? i was looking at, but the shipping is quite expensive >_>
edit: i almost forgot, had a MG nu Gundam, but now there isn't available anymore. is bandai re-releasing a new MG version, like the zeta MG ver.2 ?
Bandai produces them in batches, so don't worry, it's certainly not discontinued.

And regarding stores in Europe who sells Gundam models I'm afraid we're in quite a bad situation, friend. There are some here in Sweden, but they only ship locally. Archonia has a very small selection, which used to be bigger but they seem to only be emptying their stock and then never expanding again. They do have the PG Mk. II Titans...

I use HLJ the most, since they have decent prices and fast delivery, no problems at all so far for me.

Also, why must the boomerang on IJ's shield be so incredibly huuuuuge? It looks more like an MSIA ^^.

And you still have to remove the head to tilt the backpack - that's just silly ^^.
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