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Originally Posted by dreamless
yeah, 20th Century Boys, another manga series that would make a wonderful anime, let's just keep hoping

About why the story is set in Germany, well, you'll know as the story progresses. Let's just say that this story can only be set in Germany, if it's set in Japan it won't make any sense. We don't have a "East Japan" and "West Japan" do we?

I hope this series can be a 70+ episode series, and revolutionize the anime industry as a whole. And so far so good, as it really sticks to the manga page by page, there's not even the slightest change in the progress of the story. GREAT!
If 20th Century Boys became an Anime, then we'd have the best anime in the world.


Also, I just watched the first episode from ToTan. The quality of the group was at a much higher level then I expected it to be, and if you look closely in the opening you just might find a certain moderator in the credits...

Anyway, the episode itself was amazing. I loved it. It couldn't have been more faithful to the manga and that's why the episode was so entertaining. Although there was no action, the story itself is appealing and slowly it'll draw you in.
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