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Originally Posted by skyrii
I think It would be nicer if they Change the anime a little bit from the manga.
that way ...i would have more fun watching it

so far..I'm watching exactly the samething's kinda boring..because i already know whats going to happen...

I hope they can change the story a little bit......

and another issue i'm worrying about is..that
this anime serise would be too long....26--40 eps ..should be the best in my opinion

but seems like...its going to take atleast 70eps to complet the whole story
well, I don't want this to be another Hi No Tori anime... I just think it's impossible to change the storyline in manga to make it any better. Personally I have read the entire manga through and through about half a dozen times now, I know every line they are going to say in the manga/anime, but I still enjoy the anime a lot, it's just great to see the characters animated, and the background music is great. I guess it's just what I always want to see, a faithful recreation of the manga with good atmosphere building background music and voice acting.
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