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Originally Posted by eMpTy265
Wouldn't the stampeder still cause a nuclear meltdown of the reactor then.
(I'm assuming that the stampeder causes an uncontrollable fission reaction.)
Like I said, we don't know exactly what the N-Stampeder does, but from what I've seen, no. In a fission bomb there is nothing to prevent the bomb from getting into an uncontrollable fission reaction, which is why the N-Stampeder was able to trigger their reaction. A Nuclear Reactor is already in reaction, so I don't think it'll cause anything.

And a meltdown is generally caused by a failure of one of the reactors' control devices anyway (such as the coolant). So I don't think the N-Stampeder can cause something like that.

Originally Posted by omegastar
I think Freedom hasn't a nuclear reactor anymore. It would make him go more on par with Shin if he gets to fight him, and it would kinda respect the peace treaty made between ZAFT and EA.
Nope, it still does. according to that scan.

However one publication called "Great Mechanics 15" did mention that other than the nuclear reactor, the new ZAFT Gundam's are comparable in performance to Freedom and Justice...
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