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Originally Posted by F!reStr!fe
I think u guys are missing the point with the Neutron Stampeder i dont think it has much to do with Nuclear Reactors itself much. I doubt that the Windams have nuke reactors in them. I think of it as more of a Neutron Blaster like an EMP waveish thing what it does is that like a microwave. It causes a lot of neutrons to flow causing molecules to start getting energetic as it hits the metallic surface of a unit the energy causes a reaction in which the unit explodes. well im not entirely sure thats how it goes but its a theory. Something that causes massive molecular craziness which is harmful.
Huh? No one said they have to do with Nuclear Reactors. What we did say is that they activate nuclear reactions, which causes the nukes on the Windam's back and inside the EA assult fleet ships to explode. And if you pay attention to the episode, that's exactly what happens.

Remember the N-Jammer? That causes the free neutrons in the nuclear reactors to stabilize, which means that they wouldn't be able to move and start a reaction. The N-Stampeder is the exact opposite. Instead of not being able to move, the neutrons are being forced to move instead.
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