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Originally Posted by NeverRamza

And second, a 10% difference does not mean that 10% is incorrect. Some of the translating of Japanese is left to interpretation because there is no exact way to do it. Also, there's a chance that the Anime-Keep version wasn't exactly correct in the first place so in some cases the translation may possibly be better.
that is very correct about the interpretation for example in naruto episode 55 where sakura goes to visit sasuke in the hospital when the nurse realizes that sasuke is gone she runs of yelling sensei which is reffering to the doctor, now depending on the situation the word sensei means different things, so when speaking to your martial arts master you can call them sensei which would also be translated as master, while when speaking to a school teacher saying sensei would be interpreted as proffesor. Another word that is left up to interpretation is the word baka, the general definition of baka is idiot however depending on the situation and the speech being used it can be interpreted as fool,stupid,and a few other terms to describe a moron. I know it seems wierd but this really just shows you how deep the japanese language really is.

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