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Zu Ra
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I dont celebrate Valentine Day ..... Every year its the same story >_< Bleh =/

Every year around Vday I get Dumped or break up . Its been going on for the past 4 years and its become a tradition . If I am in a healthy relationship I dread the word VDAY as around Vday the relationship fails . The failing of the Relationship has nothing actually to do with vday .

So same as last year I am going to hate on Vday . I dont hate the concept I hate those Lovey Dovey Couples , they make me puke . Every time you see those couples on Vday ..... you feel more depressed. You are ridiculed by the irony that you dont have anyone special to celebrate that day with . That makes you more sad then you already are. Worse you go through notions ...... of how it would be if your back with your GF .

So its a Black Day for me : ( yes I am a bitter human being
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