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For sub groups, I'd say:

Chihiro - Just did a release to outdo gg really.

gg - Nice and fast, but the resolution of the video is low (I like my HD releases), but having nice subs and kareoke, both of which are softsubbed is nice.

Gattai - Decent, readable subs, everything is softsubbed and HD, which is good. They also do Zentraedi subtitles...

AGM - Good, seem a little to swear happy at times, good HD quality again. Shame about hardsubbed kareoke though

AiA - Hardsubbed at SD, which is okay, at least the container allows for decent quality

Shinsen - They do .avi releases. I'm not a big fan of avi files nowadays, unless there's no choice. Which, with Macross Frontier, we have plenty.

A mix between Aone, Gattai and gg would be fantastic. Or even just gg and Gattai since the two groups seem somewhat close.

Originally Posted by Delphin View Post
oh really !? you'll come to Japan ?

where you'll going to visit place ?
akihabara ? kyoto ? something historic place ?
or something otaku place ?

I'm live at west of Tokyo, so something help if I can.

hope you enjoy visit Japan !
I'm travelling around the country for 1 week, then I'll be staying in Tokyo for the second and 2 days.

I intend on getting around as many places as I possibly can, but out of anime interest and just to absorb the culture. It'd be a waste if I only came for one thing
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