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Almost done with the second playthrough... at first I was annoyed that I was going to have to repeat the storyline to get to lvl 50. But within seconds of leaving Fyrestone, it became clear it wasn't "just the same thing again". The mobs are nasty little devils and not the same with more HP (more, bigger, meaner, smarter). And we've found lots of little quests we missed the first time through. When you plow through a big bug and it vaporizes your car .... you get a bit more respect for going around them.

Main complaint: the weapon generator for drops and vending has NOT seemed to scale up with our levels. Most of the stuff we're finding or seeing at the machines is utter crap for our level. I'm still using the same stuff I got at lvl 35 for the most part. The Hyperion and Atlas "wonders" have been meh. My son also discovered there's a $$$ cap.

My main is a siren speccd Elemental/Controller but she carries gear for both the Plaguebringer and Firefly mods depending on the predicted bad guys. Lately, because of the weapons scaling problem... I've been using a particular sniper rifle (x4 fire) as a "close combat revolver" with great effect coupled with firefly mod and incendiary artifact. Lots of screaming (how do they scream long after all the relevant parts are incinerated? ).
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