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Yeah, the second playthrough is way more fun. The vendors may not have upped the ante, but the drops around the place have definitely gotten better. I never really relied on vendors in the first place anyway. I noticed that in New Haven alone, there's 4 or 5 weapon boxes scattered within it. So everytime I log in, I just quickly run through them, and it's a great way to find quality weapons/orange items now and then.

I played the soldier my first time around, and the turret is flat out ridiculous. I pretty much maxed out every offensive option for it, including a level 5 shock elemental, which means it kills stuff damn well quicker than me or any of my teammates usually can. I usually charge in, drop it, and come back later to find a room of corpses and loot. =)

What kind of neat weapons have you found yet? Seems the game keeps feeding me awesome repeaters and revolvers. My favorite being an orange Firehawk repeater with 117 dmg and x4 Fire elemental. I also have an orange revolver with 404 dmg and x4 explosive elemental, scoped too. Now if I can only get some shotguns my way...

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